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Omline Session times!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Hi everyone: This week, the sessions continue at the same times as usual:

Australia: Mon-Fri 8AM Adelaide time/

USA: Sun/Thurs 330PM Pacific time


Also our two sessions in the evening (Australian time) This week:

Monday 20/4 and Wed 22/4 at630PM Adelaide time/9AM GMT


Please, if you know anyone who might benefit from the sessions, let them know about the site. In the coming weeks I'll also start an upload page where I'll post some of the session recordings. You can use them as a handy reference and people can also check out what I'm doing to see if it suits them.

Also, remember you can check out my meditations on Insight Timer.

One last thing: click around the blog and check out other posts. (And thanks to those of you who have been reading the posts. Some of you have given me great ideas for future articles).

Lately I’m writing about how meditation can be a big part of kindness to yourself and others. Also, I’m going to be posting some playlist links of music I find helpful and atmospheric! Heck out the links or use ‘playlist’ as a keyword on the site.

See you this week!

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