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OMLINE Week Two: New Classes! Daylight Savings (in Oz)! And, Please Share the Mindful

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Hello Everyone

Thanks so much for your interest in Omline and to so many of you who joined our classes from Australia, USA and Canada this week. It’s been fantastic to see you all and it was great to see so many of you at several sessions this week.

This Week

This coming week, we’ll be running the 30 minutes morning classes as usual:

Monday-Friday 8AM Adelaide Time.

American/Canadian friends – you need to be aware that Australia comes off daylight savings time this weekend. So we stay the same in Oz, but YOUR time will change.

I know. Time zones. It drives me nuts.

But, since we send our clocks back an hour on Sunday, your session times from this week onwards will be:


330PM Pacific Time.

The Zoom link for all the sessions is still the same:


Evening Sessions

This week we’ll have two sessions in the evening, Adelaide time.

This is a chance to wind down after the day and also to give a few of our European friends a chance to join us at a time that’s a little friendlier.

The evening sessions will be:

Monday, 6th of April at 630PM, Adelaide time

Wednesday, 8th of April, 630PM, Adelaide time.

Which is 9AM GMT

The Zoom link for Evening classes is:


Questions? I’m not surprised.

Get in touch via the site page or mail me at dropcraigaline@gmail.com

Please Share the Mindful!

I’m very grateful that many of you have shared these emails and the site link to people who you think would benefit from the sessions. And please, if you’d like to let more people know about the sessions, either close to you or far away, share as much of this info as you like.

See you online soon C

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