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A Meditation For Peace and Relaxation

Hello everyone,

This week, I'm sharing a meditation from one of our live Omline Sessions. If you're not able to get to one of the 8am (Adelaide time) Sessions, or a Monday/Wednesday night at 7PM (Adelaide), then this meditation is a way to test the mindfulness waters.

I'll be making more recordings available as we go along, but for now, enjoy this Body Scan for Peace and Relaxation.

(This link will take you to my Soundcloud page. Sadly, this hosting site doesn't seem to want to let me upload audio files.)

This meditation helps us to release tensions that come from the mental, physical and emotional stress that come from resisting things as they are. As we open to and soften into the stresses and tensions we feel, we relax and let go.

As we relax, we make a softer and kinder relationship with ourselves. We make it easier to accept ourselves, just as we are. We take a moment to stop fighting ourselves and what's happening around us. And we give ourselves a moment of kindness. Which, in trying times, can make all the difference and allow ourselves to see the present with a lot more clarity. We see that the mental and physical struggles we make for ourselves trying to solve issues of the past and deal with fears of the future are mostly what makes us suffer.

As we let go of those struggles, we feel how we are right now, in the present - and that encourages us be kind to ourselves, the way we would to someone close to us who was suffering more than they need to.

If you practice this meditation regularly, you'll develop a deeper channel of kindness and openness within you. Perhaps the most important effect, though, is the awareness you'll experience - that, even in time of mental fog and emotional troubles, kindness and being gentle to yourself is available now, and at any time. All the tools you need are in your breath and body.

I hope this meditation helps you. I'd love to hear from you - please let me know how you find it and what difference it makes to you.

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